Software included training

This category of service allows businesses to capitalise on the best range of free, libre and open source software (FLOSS) by training staff in applications which can be installed and disseminated freely within an organisation. The training is therefore a "software included" service, where attendees can take a copy of the software with them at the end of the training session and install it on as many computers as they like.

Graphic and multimedia design

Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, Art of Illusion, Audacity, Ardour and a range of other tools for producing collateral for print and / or web delivery.

Office and web productivity

Libre Office, Mediawiki, Pidgin and Moodle training to help staff increase their productivity.

Databases, backup and data retention, scripting

Postgres, Linux, Apache, PHP, Python and Sikuli training to help tech-savy employees capitalise on their skills and avoid common pitfalls.

  • "Very personable and extremely helpful. Quality projects on time, at a good price." - Shane Hickey (BioMelbourne)

  • "From the outset, results-driven, can-do attitude has been both refreshing and infectious." - B. Appleby (Stockstreet)

  • "Overall, was impressed with your ability to quickly pick up knowledge and understand our business over the workshop sessions." (Business Stakeholder)